Denver Rails -The Railroads of Denver and the West
This is my list of non-railroad links of interest or for friends.

bible gateway
Online concordence, passage look up, version comparison and more.
Matthew henry commentary
Matthew Henry's commentary on the whole bible.
South American evidences
Great video showing evidences of creation found in South America. You have got to watch this all the way through, you will not believe what you see.
Clint's Place
A resource for the porcelain insulator collector with many brands, markings, and identification information
Hemingray Glass Co. Hemingray Glass Co.
Although Hemingray's most notable contribution to the world is the glass insulator used by most railroads, they also made many other glass products. This site displays some of them.
The ultimate site for the Hemingray insulator or glass collector.
Insulator Collectors on the Net Insulator Collectors on the Net
Reference site for collectors of all sorts of insulators.
Old Breweries Old Breweries
Great site for researching old breweries in the US.
Ruins of Detroit Ruins of Detroit
Nice nostalgic site lamenting the demise of a once wonderful city.
11 Foot 8 11 Foot 8
Funny site documenting the many vehicles that tear their tops off under a bridge.
bum wine bum wine
Just a funny site about cheap wine.
art in ruins art in ruins
Nostalgic site recording many attractions, events, and locations that have long since vanished or are about to disappear.
Blood of Heroes
Something to think about when we wonder what this country is about and if it is worth fighting for ...and why no Democrat politician will fight for us.
dfdfcu online banking
online banking
exceptional weather
Up to the second weather conditions plus webcam for Parker, CO. Great tool to see weather at home when you are away, unless you don't live in Parker.
kids for city kids
Send your "city" kids to camp to learn to work with and appreciate animals.
Rae Valley heritage association
Rae Valley Old Thresher's Reunion
singing youth of denver
singing youth of denver
The Golden Optimist The Golden Optimist
A website for the gold (or other mineral) miner. Stories of panning, dredging and recovering from both. Mining forums and news on dredging rallies.
bob hope on democrats
bob hope on democrats
democrat lies about iraq
See what the democrats said about Iraq before and after the war, makes you wonder if they think our memories are that short.
Little Green Footballs Little Green Footballs
Punditry and analysis from the guys that cultivated collective knowledge by uncovering Dan Rather's bogus report of Bush's guard duty.
night of the living government
A good analogy of how the government is coming for YOU!
The Drudge Report
The site that broke Monica Lewinsky when Newsweek squelched it.
Find out the truth about Obama before it is too late.
route 66 route 66
Turn by Turn route of the Mother Road
Area Codes
Site to look up area codes
battery depot, good place for replacement batteries.
best mortgage calculator
Best mortgage calculator I have found
colorado webcams colorado webcams
Links to DOT web cams in the state
Country Calling Codes
Great site for looking up country codes when dialing outside the US
denver gas prices
Gas prices in the Denver Area
Neat site that translates for you into 20 languages.
Online dictionary
leadville high school webcam leadville high school webcam
Webcam out of cafeteria in high school. Three pictures/day show the change of seasons and weather.
UberManuals UberManuals
Great resource for manuals for everything you may have
link to log into webstaff
world clock
Clock showing deaths, births, and interesting things taking place as we watch
Tutorials to learn CSS
free web templates
site for free templates
free website templates
Another free template site.
Online real time HTML editor
Accredited online engineering
Resource for Javascript code will be added soon.
javascript site.
W3 schools
Online web building tutorials.
canyon wind cellars canyon wind cellars
Very nice wines from the western slope of Colorado
mountain spirit winery mountain spirit winery
One the best wineries I have visited yet. Some wineries have a few wines you like while others are lame. I enjoyed all their wines
Red Hawk Vineyards
Very nice wines from a friendly vineyard in Salem, Oregon

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